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Our Technologies


SkillSherpa, created by DigiTrails, comprises a set of technologies designed to assess skill gaps in individuals and provide tailored suggestions for improvement using real-time data from the job market. 

Using proprietary machine learning models and AI, SkillSherpa empowers users to understand their skills better. They can also make side-by-side comparisons with colleagues or peers from different companies. Additionally, users can learn from the career trajectories of accomplished professionals, discover the courses they pursued, and learn how to utilize this information to formulate effective upskilling and reskilling strategies or find their weaknesses and strengths when applying for a new job.


ESGSherpa is a B2B tool that utilizes publicly accessible data to populate ESG reports autonomously. It achieves this by scrutinizing official ESG reports, press releases, HR data, and other reliable sources. ESGSherpa expedites the data collection process and eases the burden of filling out lengthy questionnaires. Additionally, it offers a valuable cross-verification feature, enabling companies to validate their information against other accessible sources to ensure accuracy and reliability in the reporting process.

Hiring Behaviour & HR Intelligence

Hiring Behaviour is a proprietary metric developed by DigiTrails that assesses the progression of a targeted company in terms of its hiring practices, skill acquisition, and overall personnel development. Our technology enables us to capture a comprehensive snapshot of a company’s workforce and growth trajectory. This empowers our Clients to glean invaluable insights into their competitors’ strategies and leverage this knowledge for various HR intelligence applications.

Enriched Hiring Cards

We enhance the efficiency of recruiting firms by integrating multiple exclusive machine learning models, thanks to a quicker and more precise matching process between their existing user database and the most fitting job opportunities. Our technology automatically generates enriched hiring cards for candidates, emphasizing their strengths compared to the company’s current team. This empowers recruiters to present candidates more effectively to their clients.

Tender Score

Using our Tender Score, you can evaluate the teams of companies that have submitted their application to your tenders. Our score includes an analysis of their seniority levels, skill development, and certifications. It provides additional insights, such as potential retention challenges that may arise during the project associated with the tender.